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A good resource that's overlooked all too often is your local public library. Most libraries carry Chilton repair manuals. They're considered reference material so they can't be checked out, but you can copy the pages you need. Bring loose change in case the library charges for copies.

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Q: How do you get a wire diagram for a 1989 Dodge Dakota?
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Where can I find a diagram for 1993 Dodge Dakota wire harness?

in a reference manual at your local library

Where can you find a diagram to wire up the switches oif you put a V8 transmission in a V6 automatic Dodge Dakota?

Where is the trailer brake controller harness on a 2003 Dakota?

It isn't there, Dodge didn't wire the Dakota with one. You will have to wire the brake controller your self.

Wiring diagram gas gauge 1993 Dodge Dakota?

My Gas Gage in my 1993 Dodge Dakota 4-Banger (cylinder) is moving ever so slightly but not working? is there a wire leading to the float? what is my problem Other than being a complete Laman when it comes to this Dodge (Always been a Chevy Man ?

What lighter wire is positive on a 2006 Dodge Dakota?

the middle one

Can you wire an external regulator in a 1991 Dodge Dakota?


Where can i get a Free color code wiring diagram 2000 dodge neon?

Go to they will have your wire diagram for free.

Where is the wire harness on a 1999 dodge Dakota v8 318?

Anywhere you see more than two wires twisted together, you have a wire harness. There are many on a 1999 Dakota.

How do you wire or find a wiring diagram for windshield wipers on a 1989 Chevy Truck?

A complete diagram is available at MOTORLIT.COM.

Need a 96 neon pcm wire diagram?

Need a 1996-1999 Wiring diagram for PCM for dodge neon

Distributor cap wire diagram 5.2l dodge 1500?

i want to see the diagram wiring from the engine block to the distributor cap please.

1997 Dodge Dakota that has fire at the coil but none out of the distributor What can cause this?

Failed coil/plug wire.

Where can you find a stereo wire diagram for a 1989 GMC Jimmy? go to the diagrams section...

Will a 360 engine swap to a 1997 dodge Dakota v6?

Yes, it will just wire in 2 more injecors. Visit for more info.

What color is the power seat wire 2003 dodge ram 1500?

To find the power seat wire for your Dodge Ram, check your owners manual. You should find a diagram showing where it is and what color to look for.

How do you hook up a tachometer on a 98 dodge Dakota 3.9L?

off the neg. coil wire just t in

Where is the coolant temperature sending unit on 1996 dodge Dakota?

It is the two wire sensor next to the thermostat housing.

Why does a 1989 Dodge truck only backfire when driven but not when it idles?

may have plug wire crossed

How many coils your dodge Dakota 1996 have yes?

It has one coil. Follow the wire from the center of the distributor cap to the coil.

Does the wire on a 1995 dodge Dakota fuel pump have constant fire?

No, it is only "hot" when the computer has actuated the ASD relay.

Where can I find 1985-1989 Plymouth Gran Fury radio wiring diagram?

if you can find an adapter which costs about $4 or $5 dollars, it will have the wire diagram on it

Spark plug wire diagram for dodge ram 1500 5.2 liter v8?

The link below will answer your question:

Where can you find 1989 Pontiac firefly stero wire diagrams?

A 1989 Pontiac stereo wiring diagram can be obtained from most General Motors dealerships. The wiring diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.

Replaced radio in Dodge Dakota air bag light is on?

If you installed an aftermarket radio and had to change the wiring you have a wire in the wrong place.

Where can you find 1998 dodge Dakota wiring harness diagrams?

Good Luck. We have been trying to find one for our Dakota. The mechanic we went to said that Dodge doesn't make them anymore and that it will cost more than the truck is worth to customize a wire harness.