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You can go to If you fill in some forms then you can get free credits. its a bit of a bihatch, but its worth it! Chris

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Q: How do you get access to the electoral roll for Mansfield and Nottingham England without having to pay all the internet sites charge you for it?
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What is the origin of the name 'Mansfield'?

The origin of Mansfield is England.A parish in Nottinghamshire, England.

Is there a Nottingham Iowa?

No. There is only a Nottingham in England.

Where is Nottingham located?

Nottingham is in the middle of England. Like, right in the middle. It's categorized as being in the East Midlands. Derby is the next city to the west, Leicester to the south, Mansfield to the north and there isn't a big city to the east, but Lincolnshire is the county to the east.

How far is scarborough to Nottingham?

The distance from Scarborough, England to Nottingham, England is 95 miles. You would travel south to go from Scarborough to Nottingham.

Is Nottingham in Scotland?

No, Nottingham is located in the East Midlands of England.

How many miles is it from Nottingham to England and to France?

Well, Nottingham is in England so... But it's 320 miles from Nottingham to Paris, or roughly 188 miles to Calais which is the closest French city to England.

Where is nottingham?

Nottingham is a town in England about 150 miles north of London

Is Nottingham in the North West?

Nottingham, England is in fact in the East Midlands.

What is a provider of wireless solutions in Nottingham England?

Radcomm is a Provider of Wireless Solution in Nottingham, England. Cricket, Emnet and ineedbroadband are also providers of Wireless Solutions in Nottingham.

How long is the drive from London England to Nottingham England?

The driving distance between London, England and Nottingham, England is 128 mi - about 2 hours 31 mins.

Is Nottingham castle near the sea?

No, as Nottingham is near the centre of England, Nottingham castle is also far away.

Is Sherwood Forest near Nottingham?

Yes it is just to the north of Nottingham, England.

What country is Nottingham in?

Nottingham is located in the east midlands of England united kingdom

How many people live in Nottingham?

Nottingham in England, 306,700 estimated in 2010

Where is the local government district Ashfield located?

The local government district Ashfield is located in Nottinghamshire, England. It was formed in 1974 and it mostly urban, containing the Nottingham Urban area and the Mansfield Urban area.

Is notthigham in Wales?

NO Nottingham is in England

What county is Nottingham England in?


How many miles from Dundee to Nottingham?

Dundee, Scotland to Nottingham, England = 376.9 miles

Who is prime minister in Nottingham city?

No one is, there is no prime minister of Nottingham forest, but the prime minister of England is the prime minister of Nottingham

What service does Heart Internet offer?

Heart Internet is a web hosting company based in Nottingham, England. They are credited with being the first company to offer an automated control panel in the UK.

What division does Mansfield Town participate in?

The division that Mansfield Town participates in is the League Two in England.

What language does rebecca adlington speak?

Rebecca Adlington was born in Mansfield and lives in Nottingham, England. She speaks English as her first language. She may have learnt another language at school but i'm not sure.I hope this helps x

Where does Rebecca live?

Mansfield, Notttinghamshire, England.

Where does Jane torvill come from?

Nottingham, England.

Where was Jane Torvill born?

Nottingham, England.