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How do you get an LCD TV monitor combo to scan digital channels?

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Go into your user's menu and select the channel search function. It should allow you to search both analog and digital channels providing it has a digital tuner.

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How do you get digital channels with your digital tv?

Go to the "set up menu" and click on SCAN DIGITAL CHANNELS.

If i have a digital cable box and plug it into my basic cable will i get digital cable?

No. No when it comes to subscription channels such as MTV, Food Netowrk etc. You have to have a cable box that is from a local cable provider and call the company to activate the service. If you have an HDTV with a digital tuner, you can plug in the basic cable from a wall into your television and scan for channels. You will only get unencrypted / basic network channels such as CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, etc.

What is the different between interlaced monitor and non-interlaced monitor?

A non interlaced monitor is one where all the scan lines occur sequentially, whereas an interlaced monitor is one where all the odd scan lines occur, followed by all of the even scan lines, in alternating painting of the phospher.

What is a digital scanner?

A device that will scan a paper into a computer so that it is in digital form.

How do you scan a finished animation?

Hold the monitor up to scanner.

Do you place your picture on scanner to scan?

if I want them to be digital, yes.

Has the samsung le32b530p7n got freeview built in?

Yes it has got built in Freeview you just have to scan it for channels I believe they're are 111 channels that it receives.

Is it possible to transfer printed photographs and or negatives to digital?

Yes, simply scan them or actually take a digital photograph of it.

What is involved in an ultrasound scan?

an ultrasound scanner Also included is the jelly and the monitor

How do you scan yourself to go to digital world?

well first, you dont scan in. you have to insert a 2 foot plug. good luck.

Is it safe to have an ultra sound scan?

It is safe to have an ultra scan because it does no harm,it doesn't hurt it only gives you a clear picture on a monitor of the baby.

What combo dvd writer/vcr is best at converting home videotapes to DVD's.?

Try the Sony Progressive Scan DVD/VCR Recorder And Player Combo Model RDRVX530 this is considered one of the best devices for this job.

How do you retune your TV?

If it is a digital, look in the menu and select SCAN or RESCAN. If you have a outdoor antenna, rotating it might be necessary. The new digital stations can be elusive.

How do I get pictures from film to digital print?

Some photo developers are able to put the pictures onto a CD and then you could do digital printing. You could also scan the photo into the computer and then use digital printing.

Is there a way to transfer bought paperback books to digital format?

Scan them with a scanner and they will go to your computer.

What is Antivirus software installed to scan and monitor malware activities on a server or workstation?

Antivirus software that is installed to scan and monitor malware activities on a server of workstation is known as host based. This means that the software is stored on a server and scans each individual computer on the network for malware and viruses.

What are the advantages of an interlaced monitor?

A method of refreshing the image on a monitor. Instead of refreshing the entire image (non-interlaced), an interlaced monitor refreshes the odd-numbered scan lines first, then refreshes the even-numbered scan lines on the second pass. This reduces the amount of new information that has to be passed on each sweep, but causes almost unnoticeable flicker, that can result in eye fatigue.

Does a 1080i dvd-vcr combo work on a 1080p TV?

I do believe that it will work if your buy a converter. That is if they make a converter from interlaced to progressive scan.

Which display device is suited for cad system a a crt with vector referesh monitor b crt with raster scan monitor c plasma panel display d led display?


Does sony make a dvd/vcr combo?

Yes, Sony makes several versions of a DVD/VCR combo. These include progressive-scan DVD/VCR combos and DVD recorder/VCR combos. The latter is capable of copying VHS content onto DVD.

How do you send a paper through email?

You would have to scan the paper to a digital format on the computer, then attach it to your email and send it.

You have cable ready TVs will you need a coverter box?

All 'cable ready' means is that it has the proper type of antenna connector on it and it's able to scan channel ranges outside of the regular broadcast channels. What maters is if the TV had a digital tuner on it. If it does, great, you should be all set. If it doesn't, then a converter box will be needed.

Antivirus software installed to scan and monitor malware activities on a server or workstation would be identified as a?

host based intrusion detection

How do you use television?

You connect it to cable/satellite and then scan the television for the channels and use it. Beware if you use basic cable that you will only be able to get less than 100 channels. I suggest using D-TV to get a little more channels. If you use satellite I suggest Dish network as it is cheaper no matter what DirecTV says.

Motorola digital cable box?

A Motorola digital cable box is used to changed an analog television to digital viewing. The cable box needs to be connected to a receiver such as a roof antenna and then to the television. The television then has to scan the box to locate signals that it can receive.