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How do you get an e-mail address?


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An email is an address people can contact you at electronically. They come in the form of UserName@Domain.Extension, where UserName is the UserName you can choose, Domain is site such as Yahoo and the extension of the domain. To make an email you can simply point to and look for the email sign up link. It will ask for some information such as how old you are and what username you would like. Once its set up you simple go to and enter your username and password. This will bring you up to the email screen. From there you can click on "Write Message". In the To field put the address of the person you wish to send too. Then in the message field type your message. Then click send. So if your friend was MyFriend@Aol.Com this is what you type in the TO field. There are plenty of free places to get an email such as and Others you will have to pay for. For some users you may have to use a separate program to send email as it might not be available through a web site. If this is the case simply open up the program and do the same steps. there are many such as yahoo or windows live.(i think windows live is the best)
What you can do is use one of the many web mail services such as google and yahoo.

Or make and account with an email program
Now a days you can make or get an email address from almost any website. Just look for a tab or link (which is a group of words that by clicking on it will send you to either another web page or link, these words are usually highlighted or are a different color than the rest.) then follow the instructions on the screen on how to get started on your email address.


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