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How do you get an impounded car back in Connecticut?

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You find out where the car is at- then call them tell them your the owner (you will have to show proof of ownership and have a drivers license)

Then they will tell you how much money it will cost you to get it out- ( they charge like twenty dollars a day for storage) so then you take your money to them and drive it away!! Good Luck - I am getting ready to go get my husbands car out of impound - that's how I know- I have to take them 90.00 - fifty for the tow- and 20 dollars a day for 2 days - Oh well

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What is the difference between having your car impounded or having it seized?

when a car is impounded you can get it back, by showing paperwork and paying some fees. when your car is seized, its gone, you can't have it.

Can a unregistered car be impounded?

yeah any car can be impounded

How do you get an impounded car back in Illinois?

well You see it all depends on what the car was Impounded for if its for a felony offense they can keep it if they want to if it is a misdemeanor offense then you need to find out where your car is and then the police precinct that impounded it will have everything you need to know. BETTER ANSWER** have someone fly it over

How can you find out if your car has been impounded?

Call 911 to report the car stolen. If it has been repo'd or impounded they will tell you.

Proof that the car was impounded?

Contact local police station in the town where the car was impounded. they should have that information available

Can you clean out your car after it get impounded?

no they take the car and everything in it.

Is there any way i could get my car back after it was impounded and sold already?

find the person that bought it and ask to bye it back............Bingo

What is the difference between a car being seized or impounded?

inpounded you can get back for a fee, seized you cant get back unless the agencie that took it gives it back

To get back an impounded car how much will it cost?

It's highly variable. You'll need to pay towing and storage, and depending on why the car was impounded you might have to clear that up as well. Your best bet is to call the number you were given on the notice that your car had been impounded and ask. If you haven't received notice yet (maybe you noticed the car was missing and called the police, and that's how you found out it was impounded rather than stolen), then the police should have given you a number to call; call that.

Where is your impounded car?

in the grand canyon

What happens to car with drugs?

It get impounded.

Your daughter has had your vehicle impounded for 28 days you need to get your vehicle back asap to get to work etc how do you get your car back?

Pay the impound fees.

Where to locate impounded car?

state police

How do you retrieve an impounded car?

pay the fine.

Can a car get impounded at a residences house?


Does your car get impounded if you dont have proof of insurance?

It depends on the legal jurisdiction, and the decision of the officer who made the stop. But, yes, in many locales you car can be impounded.

What is a Lien Fee for on Impounded Car?

what is a lien fee when your car is inpound

How do you get fees reduced on a car impounded a CHP impound yard?

Unfortunately, if you wish your car back, it is YOU who will have to pay the fee and then try to collect it from your (so-called) friend.

My Car impounded for having blue lights?

OK, you must have know blue lights are not allowed. Pay the impound fee and any fines to get your car back.

What can you do about missing items from impounded car?

If you have actual proof that items were missing when your car was impounded you can show the proof to the judge that is hearing your case. If you do not have proof, and already signed the paper releasing your car there is not much you can do.

California can your car be impounded for no proof of insurance?

yes it can.

If you have insurance on your car can it be impounded?

Yes the police have the athority

How do you search an impounded car?

Townships Repo Yard

What happens if your car impounded in Chicago and you don't get it back?

more than likely if its impounded it will either go to the crusher get a new title and get resold or sit there n the impound yard til it no good and rusted and the tires are warped!

If your car was loaned to someone and the person was arrested and the car was impounded Can you get the car back if you have the title?

Depending on the reason it was impounded makes a difference. I have has this experience before. They were busted for driving without insurance and my car was impounded. I had to get proof of insurace and go to the police station where it was impounded from show them my proof of insurance and then they handed me a release to get my car from impoundment. Then I had to take the release to the yard and then I was able to get it out. Depending on where you are from can make all the difference in the world also. i would say yes if you take in documents proving that the car belongs to you eg insurance, log book (pink slip), and documents proving who you are eg photo id and prof of address.