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Actually, it depends. With a SIM card (GSM Technology), the card can be removed, placed into a USB to SIM bridge adapter, and then any commerical data recovery product should be able to scan the contents. With CDMA phones, it's a bit more tricky.

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Are pictures deleted from your cell phone actually deleted?

Yes, once you delete them, your beloved (or dreaded) pictures are lost forever from your phone.

Can deleted pictures on cell phone return on their own?

yes it iz possible

Can deleted pictures be retrieved from a cell phone?

Yes, you can use recovery software and a computer to do this.

What will happen if you restart your cellular device?

It will erase all data in your cell phone. Pictures, phone numbers, what ever you put into your phone it will get deleted.

Can you retrieve deleted pictures in a mobile phone?

You need to install the cell phone photo recoverysoftware on your PC first. Then connect your cell phone (memory card or stick etc) to perform recovery.Note: before the deleted photos are recovered from your phone, DO NOT attempt to take more photos or videos, or save sizeable data to the phone memory.

If you take your sim card out of your cell phone just for a second what will get deleted?

No. It will just take several seconds to load when you put it back into your phone.

How do you delete pictures from a Motorola cell phone W376g?

To delete pictures from the phone, select Menu>Multimedia>Pictures>Additional Storage Device. Once there, you will be presented with a menu of pictures. Scroll to the picture you want to delete and press the central menu key. Select 'Delete' and the picture will be deleted.

Can you get pictures on a propel cell phone?

i need pics of the frist cell phone

Can you sync pictures from a cell phone to the Sanyo camera?

Yes, one is able to sync pictures from a cell phone to the Sanyo camera. Although the cell phone must not be a basic phone, and the cell phone must also contain a memory card.

How do you get cell phone pictures from your cell phone to the Wii photo channel?

I dont think you can.

Where do the deleted photos go when they are permanently deleted from a cell phone?

they go into cyberspace and float around FOREVER mhahaha.

How do you get back recently deleted messages on your cell phone?

You cant im sorry but you just cant tried everything but it didnt work

How do you get your cell phone calls back on your phone?

click on the green button and you will get your phone calls back on your cell phone

Where are pictures of Henry T Sampson the Black inventor of the cell phone?

You can get pictures at google pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get pictures from your cell phone on your computer?

You can connect your computer to your phone via cable and download the pictures, or you can email yourself the pictures and get them from your email account.

How can a deleted cell phone number be retrieved?

It's impossible unless you take extreme measures like asking the phone company that you want it back. You will likely need to get in touch with your service provider / cell phone company and ask for their help in retrieving the deleted number. Alternatively, if you remember what the number was or who you got the number from, then you could always get in touch with that person / re-enter the number into your phone.

How do you deleted protected files off your cell phone?

master reset mate

How do you send pictures from gmail to Verizon cell phone?

You can not send pictures from Mail to a phone. However you can open the mail in a phone. You can them download the images to the phone memory.

How do you download pictures to your cell phone?

Maybe on the internet.

Can receive pictures on your ipod touch from a cell phone?


How do you transfer pictures from computer to cell phone?

by email.

How do you send pictures from your computer to your cell phone?

if your phone has email built in you can send it from there

How good is the nokia 6300 for taking pictures?

The cell phone takes decent pictures for being an older model of a phone. If you are buying the phone because you want a good camera in it, you should aim for a newer cell phone.

How do i Check deleted calls from my cell phone?

some times it depends if you have a difference cell company or not on mine you listen to all of the commands and then you press a button and then you can hear deleted messages.

Where are pictures of Henry Sampson Black Inventor of cell phone?

pictures of henry sampson

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