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How do you get back with your best friend?


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you make their life a living hell. *mwahahaha* lol.


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Your best would come back because he still values you. And it is for that reason he has best attached to it.

If you don't like your girlfriend, ditch her for your best friend

Diamondback Diamond= girls best friend Back= butt

The way to get your best friend back from someone else is to remain calm. The new person may be a fad. It is okay for someone's best friend to have other friends. If this person is changing, have a talk with them.

You answered yourself when you said "your use to be best friend". Fickleness cannot be overcome but getting new friends can.

do theyre best friend of course!

dont turn your back on him

If your best friend is honest and caring and looks out for you then he/she would be your best friend but if they're mean and say nasty things behind your back then they are your enemie

first, you can have more than one BEST friend. but a true BEST friend, will always have your back, tell you the truth, and stick up for you no matter what.

honestly if he left you for your best friend than you dont need to try to get him back because he doesnt respect you at all. and i hope you and that person you called your best friend are no longer friends, friends dont do that to eachother..

probably because your ex wants to get back with you or the best friend wants to get with you... The best friend fancies you, hon.

LESLEY,is indeed the answer.she was her best friend back home in tennessee,but if you're wondering about her new best friend,her name is Mandy Jiroux.

Well, you could be happy for them to get together. Or you could tell your best friend that if they are really your friend they would give them back.

Avril's best friend is Evan Taubenfeld, the one who played the guitar and back vocal in 2002,2003,2004...

Best friends put "Kick Me" signs on your back and true friends tell you its there.

Well, it depends on if you like your girlfriend, if your best friend is a girl, then trust me she should like you back.

You're their best friend till the very end

you should just tell the person what they did if not stand up for your friend and just start yelling, just get back by stealing the friend back,or find a new friend.

befriend your enemy that way you get your friend back and a new friend as well

Take him to lunch at the restaurant of his choice.

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