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If you want your password back from i chat, click on it go to the top left of your screen and click on preferences. Once you do that click on accounts and it will let you change your password. :)

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Someone hacked you on how can you get your password back?

how do i get my password back on zwinky

How do you get my password back?

you click forgot password

How do you get a password back on Pokemon indigo?

You have to type your email in and they will email your password back to you.

If you get baned forever from clubpenguinhow do we get our password back?

If you get banned forever there is no way to get your password back.

How can you get your gmail account back if someone has its password?

change your password

How do you get your yahoo password back?

Click 'Forgot password' on the login screen.

How you will get your Gmail id password back?

You will get your Gmail id password back using the password recovery option. You will be required to provide some personal information related to the account which allows you to reset your account password.

What is the default password on shaw routers?

Username and Password is listed at the back of your router so take a look at the back on a sticker...

How do you get your password back at Gmail?

You can get your password back if you forgot it. Google provides a link for that on Gmail page. You have to follow some steps for it.

How can you get your meez back?

you can get your meez back by typing in your username and password.

what is pokediger1 password on roblox?

MY USERNAME IS Harleycain07 password is Oreooreo1

Can you get your apple id back with your password?


How do you get my iTunes password back?


How do I get my administrator back if i don't know the password to the account?

The only thing i can say is keep Trying to find out password... or you might not get it back... :"(

What is the meaning of current password?

It simply means the password you are using at the moment.

If you forgot your password to your email how do you get back?

Click the I forgot my password link and follow the instructions.

How do I get back into my password protected Word document?

Unfortunately you cannot get into it without knowing the password. That is the whole point of having a password on the document.

How do you reset a password on a Chromebook?

Keep in mind that your Chromebook password and Google account password are one and the same. So, once you change your password, you will need to sign out of your Chromebook and sign back in with the new password.

How do you get your password back on stardoll?

Sorry you can't.

How do you get your snap chat password back?

There is a process to retrieve a Snap Chat password. One would click the forgot password button in the application. A new password will then be sent to their email.

Forgot tppc password how get it back?

click forgot password and it will tellu this guy up here isn't accurate there is no forgot password button!!

How do you get your password back on pixie hollow?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the login screen, and select "Forgot Password?". You will then be asked to enter your username or email. The password(s) will then be sent to your email shortly.

You have forgot your email and password hoewdo get it back?

well there is no way to get it back then sorry :(

How can you get your Poptropica password if you forget?

If you have a membership account, or if you have registered an e-mail address with Poptropica, they can mail your password back to you. If you have not registered, there is no way to recover a password.

If you changed your school email password and forgot it how do you change it back?

You will have to talk to a school administer to get change your password.

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