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You can try exercises like side leg raises with ankle weight or fixing your hormonal balances and chemical balances.

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Q: How do you get bigger hips?
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Can you get bigger hips with surgery?

It is possible for a person to get bigger hips through surgery. This often involves injecting fat into the hips themselves.

Why do your hips get bigger?

For Females, Hips get bigger to Prepare the body for birth.... that's as simple as it gets ....

Does fenugreek make your hips bigger?

I fear not... I tried drinking fenugreek tea with fennel and it made my boobs bigger, but my hips are still as small as they were, unfortunately!

What injections they have to get bigger hips and thighs?

hydrogel injections

What foods will get your hips bigger?

Fats, and more fats

How can I make my Hips wider and Butt bigger?

have a baby?...

Does side leg raises makes hips bigger?

no they don't, they slim your hips! that person is wrong ^ yes, it does, because you are working the muscle out, and muscles get bigger when you work them out obviously.

How do you make big hips?

you cant. your hips are made of bone. some people have wider set hips than others. you can create the illusion of having bigger hips by having a small waist.

Can men grow bigger hips?

Squats are exercises that can be used to by men to grow bigger hips. Gaining weight could also add more girth to the hip area.

Does riding a stationary bike make your thighs or hips bigger or smaller?

Riding a stationary bike can make your thighs and hips either bigger or smaller. It can make them smaller if you lose weight. It can make them bigger if you exercise strenuously.

What can a person take to get hips and a bigger butt?

eat macdonalds

Does riding bike make your hips and thighs bigger?

yes and no

What foods do you eat to make your butt hips bigger?


How do you make your hips and butt bigger on imvu?

You go on settings

How can you make your hips bigger?

It is possible to make your hips bigger. It is not advised to purposely change your own body appearance, but it is possible. One of the fastest ways to do this is to consume foods that are high in fats.

What happens to a guy who take estrogen?

They grow breast, and get bigger hips

What foods make you hips bigger?

Fat, sugar, meat, alcohol.

How do you know if your hips and thighs are curvy?

Your hips are at least 10 inches bigger in circumference than your waist,if your boobs are too,you're an hourglass.

Why is advantageous for girls to have broad hips?

Broad hips makes for a bigger pelvic cavity thus helping in child development and particularly birth.

How do you make your hips bigger?

Doing spot exercises for your waist and abs could help your hips look bigger by contrast. Some more suggestions from the community: * Eat more ice cream * If you are skinny, eat more and lift weights * Have a kid! * You can't. Your hips are part of your skeletal structure. You can make your waist smaller through diet and exercise, which will make your hips APPEAR bigger. * You know the hips are not just part of your skeletal structure, if u wanna make them bigger, just make the fat of your hips bigger. * Try exercise like side leg raises and balancing your body. == == * You can try exercises like side leg raises with ankle weight or fixing your hormonal balances and chemical balances.

Are bigger hips signs of pregnancy?

No. It is a sign of eating too much food.

HOW can you make female hips and butt bigger?

if u get knocked up for once

Why do girls have big hips?

Girls have wider and bigger hips because they need to accommodate the baby when pregnant, and for a safe passage for the baby to be delivered during a normal delivery

Is there a way you can make your thighs and hips bigger?

walk on the treadmill with an incline ride bikes with resistance

What makes your hips bigger and stomach flatter if your 14 with high metabalism and 5ft?

are you a guy or a girl