How do you get clear up bleary water in a swimming pool?

I'm not sure what you mean by "bleary" water, but we've had all kinds. If you mean cloudy water, with or without green, you may need to at least backwash, at the most, change your filter sand or element. Our salvation was when we started using a product called "NoPhos". This takes the phosphorous out of the water or neutralizes it since it is the food that algae need, it can't grow. You may need to also use clarifier and keep backwashing to clear out all the junk in the water before it starts to become clear again. Brush the walls and floor every day during the process, that is where the algae loves to grow. The above answer did not even touch on more filtration. You can not filter or clear the pool water by running the pump and fiter 2 hrs or eve 6 hrs per day. If you are using the pool on a regular schedule you need to boost the chlorine and other chemicals and increase the circulation of the water thru the filter to at least 10 14 hrs per day. The above answer is dealing with algae not cloudy water.