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How do you get dashboard clock lights to work?


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2015-07-15 21:12:40
2015-07-15 21:12:40

On a 1999 Honda Accord you can pop the clock assy out and replace the samll bulb. It's Sunday so the dealers are not open and I'm searching for the bulb now.


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Acura dashboard light don't work

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From the information provided in the question, we can only conclude that something broke. Check dashboard fuses.

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94 mercury grand marque dashboard, hazard, and tail lights do not work?

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If ALL dash lights don't work turn the headlamp knob clock wise or counter clock wise. If that isn't it check for blown fuse. If all fuses are good, replace headlamp switch.

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Honda dashboard lights are powered by a single fuse. The taillight fuse keeps the dashboard, taillights and hazard lights safe. If any of this units cause a short all of the components will not work.

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