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On the Nintendogs game, you have to enter your dogs into lots of contests. If you make it up to Championship, you will get to choose from more breeds.

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Q: How do you get different dog breeds on Nintendogs and cats?
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How many dog breeds can you get on nintendogs and cats?

you can get 27 breeds of dog in all 3DS games. my personal favorite is the toy poodle.

Is there a cheat for unlocking all the dog breeds on Nintendogs?

yes there is a cheat to unlock the breeds.

How many dog breeds are on nintendogs as soon as you earned all of the breeds it offers?

15 in all

How do you get more breeds on Nintendogs and cats?

U have to earn owner points in order to unlock more breeds(dogs)like entering competitions and taking your dog for a walk and feeding it and petting it and so on. :D

How do you unlock dog breeds fast on Nintendogs?

The quickest way to unlock dog breeds in Nintendogs is the action replay, of course. Other quick ways to unlock dog breeds is to connect with different users on Bark Mode. The breed of the dog they choose when connecting with yours will appear in your kennel. Also, entering your dogs at championship competitions is the quickest way to earn trainer points, hence making to process of unlocking new breeds faster.

How do you get different clocks on Nintendogs?

You get different clocks on nintendogs by walking your dog alot.

Can you breed your dog or cat on nintendogs plus cats?

Yes you can

Which path can you find most of the Stardust in Nintendogs plus Cats?

You can find most of the Stardust in Nintendogs + Cats on any dog walking path.

How do you get points on Nintendogs plus cats Golden Retriever and New Friends?

on nintendogs all you do is feed,and care for your dog.

How many different dog breeds are there?

157 different types of dog breeds

How many dogs can you get in Nintendogs?

There is a total of 20 diffrent breeds on nintendogs. you can keep 5 dogs in the dog hotel, and 3 dogs at home.

What is the best breeds of nintendogs plus cats french bulldog toy poodle or golden retriever?

Only the "starter breeds" (the breeds they are already available at the start) are different in these versions, so it just depends on what dog breeds you like.In Nintendogs Toy Poodle & New Friends, the starter breeds include:BoxerBull TerrierCorgiJack Russell TerrierLabradorPomeranianSchnauzerShih TzuToy PoodleIn Nintendogs French Bulldog & New Friends, the starter breeds include:Basset HoundCavalier King Charles SpanielChihuahuaDalmatianFrench BulldogHuskyGerman ShepherdShetland Sheepdog (aka: Sheltie)Yorkshire Terrier (aka: Yorkie)In Nintendogs Golden Retriever & New Friends, the starter breeds include:BeagleCocker SpanielDachshundGolden RetrieverGreat DaneMalteseMiniature PinscherPugShiba InuCheck out the official site in the related link section for more details.

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