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The state of Michigan as almost every state that allows emancipation of minors has very limited reasons for allowing a minor to be emancipated. Michigan Code Chapter 722 "Emancipation By Operation of Law,..." allows for the minor to be emancipated if he or she is legally married or on active duty with the military, both require parental or guardian consent. Also for the minor to receive routine or emergency nonsurgical care or preventive health care. It DOES NOT allow a minor to move out of the family home and live on their own. Emancipation of a minor is an act which is greatly misunderstood. The very few states that allow the procedure have such stringent requirements that emancipation is very rarely (if ever) allowed. As a general rule, emancipation is only granted to minors who are involved in such things as professional sports or the entertainment field. In addition an emancipation decree can be rescinded by the court at any time.

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Q: How do you get emancipated in Michigan and how much does it cost?
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