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I Think you have other problems. Change the fuel filter and if that doesn't do it take it to a garage.

You purchase a gasoline can and a funnel. Fill the gasoline can with fuel from your local gasoline station. Pour it into your vehicles tank using the funnel. Cycle the ignition key on and off several times pausing breifly for a few seconds when in the on position, this will prime the system, then start it up.

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Q: How do you get gas into a gas tank after it has run out of gas?
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Can you urintate in your gas tank if you run out?

Absolutely NO!

Can diesel in your gas tank ruin the engine?

No, the engine will just not run or run poorly and smoke depending on how much diesel is in the tank. If you put very little just keep driving and fill the tank up with gas when you have 1/2 tank. If you put allot and the engine will not run then you will need to drain the tank, replace the fuel filter, blow out the lines, and fill the tank with gas.

Can you run out of gas in mafia 2?

Yes, but you can go to a gas station and refill your tank.

What does iodine in a gas tank Do?

Iodine in a gas tank will run the engine. It will cause rust, and will corrode the engine to the point that the engine will seize.

Should you fill the gas tank full of gas if you run out of gas in a fuel injector car?


What cause the gas hand to stop working?

The sensor in your gas tank may have malfunctioned. You can purchase a new tank so your won't run out of gas while driving.

My 96 ford explorer won't start. what can i do to get it to run?

do you have gas in the tank

What is in your gas tank that is making your car run bad?

Could be water.

What should you do if someone put vodka in your gas tank?

Personally if you can't siphon out all the liquid out of the tank I would just fill up the tank with gas and let it run.

Where is fuel filter on 84 Monte Carlo ss?

look at the back or front of the gas tank, just follow the gas line out of the tank and you will run into it.

How do you start a Mercedes when you run out of gas?

You can't start a car if it has no petrol in its tank.

Will water in gas tank damage car?

damage engine no.. will the engine run no.

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