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How do you get germs?

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you can get germs if u have an uncial bomb or an uncial rash or if you sneeze allot or cough allot

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Are germs in the air?

Yes, germs are present in the air and along with germs there are many spores of germs in the air.

Can a germs germ catch germs?

Germs can catch germs because a good germ can get onto another

Do we need germs?

yes we need germs because not all germs are bad some we don't needwe need germs because their are germs in are blood but there are bad germs that can really make us sick to.

What type of germs are there?

THERE ARE BAD GERMS AND GOOD GERMS :D or in other words Active germs and inactive germs The main 3 types of germs or bacteria are HIV, TB and M so M is for malaria

Do grasshoppers have germs?

Yes, of course grasshoppers have germs. Everything in our planet has germs

Is germs germs go away is a good slogan for keeping germs away?


What color is germs?

What color are germs? Germs can be many different colors. But most germs are a very clear green color. Germs get their color by the type of germ or it is. The most common type of germs is bacteria. Bacteria is a type of germ. That is why there are more clearly green colored germs.

Can you get germs from soap?

soap cannot give you germs it is carefully designed to get rid of germs

Does your lips have germs?

yes every part of your body has germs but some germs are good.

Can teddy bears spread germs?

Everything spreads germs ''Yes'' they spread germs.

What is the difference between germs and pathogens?

All germs are pathogens but all pathogens is not germs.

What is collective name given to germs?


Do germs sleep?

No, bacteria (germs) do not sleep.

Can you kill germs?

yes, germs can be killed

What types of good germs are there?

Well, there are germs in your tummy/stomach/belly that break down food and bad germs to turn them into energy and harmless germs.

How white blood cells attack germs in your bodies?

They engulf them (eat them) They attack the germs in our bodies, going out to where the germs are, and they just eat them. And the germs are now gone. That's how the germs are killed in the human body.

When water evaporates will germs evaporate?

To suggest that germs evaporate would be to suggest that germs are liquid. Germs are, of course, not liquids, so therefore they cannot evaporate.

Does ice carry germs?

Ice can carry germs.

Do flies carry germs?

Yes. It is about 77% of germs

How many germs are in a sneeze?

Millions and millions of germs

What is the plural of germs?

'germs' is plural, the singular is 'germ'.

Are there germs on the moon?

yes becouse there are germs everywhere

What can you get from dogs?

You can get fleas,germs and all kinds of germs

Can germs live in Vaseline?

Hi there are germs in vaseline

What are germs made of?

"Germs" are made of bacteria and viruses.