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It depends on the age and circumstances, but most teen girls are looking for a boyfriend and not another friend. Sometimes you can meet the opposite sex in a group and become good friends naturally. Don't try so hard to make it happen and just go with the flow. You may just meet someone that needs an understanding friend and a male perspective on things. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-15 06:14:39
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Q: How do you get girls to like you as friends?
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What to do when your friends are friends with girls you dont like?

My friends are friend with girls I don't like and last year the girls didnt even like the girls i don't like but now there like all bffs kinda and I use 2 be friends with 1 of the girls i don't like but shes kinda mean and the girls i don't like use 2 have friends but i think they got in a fight but there still friends but they just don't play with each other anymore, so how do I let the girls i don't like be friends again with the girls they use 2 hang-out with but the girls i don't like but who they use 2 be friends with i don't know them. i hate this girl who 1 of my friends like and my other friends like her to... what do i do?

Does mattyb like some girls as friends?

Well most guys like girls as friends and since MattyB is really young he probably likes a lot of girls as friends.

What do girls really like?

Girls really like good friends. :)

What Jewish girls like to do with friends?

The same thing all girls like to do.

If a girls want to be friends and she like you and you like her?

She probably doesn't like you if she just wants to be friends

What do girls do if they like like you?

flirt with you, talk to their friends about you

Your boyfriend does not like you talking to your male friends - you want to stay with your boyfriend - what should you do?

Men are not friends with girls. They are just friendly with girls that they want to sleep with, or girls that they have already slept with. Your boyfriend knows this because he is a man. That is why he doesn't like it when you talk to your "guy friends."

Does Nat Wolff like ugly girls?

I only like them as friends.

Why is it hard for girls to tell you they like you but for your friends its easier?

It is hard for girls because they don't really know you like that but when it comes to your friends they are going to have to tell you the truth or they are called untrue Friends so there's the difference

What do you call girls who like gay men?


Why do girls have friends with benfits?

because guys like it

What do 6th grade girls do for fun?

ok 6th grade girls love being with their friends,shopping,talking,and TEXTING but like i said the thing 6th grade girls like the most is just chillin with friends.

Boyz are they good with girls?

boys think as girls as diffrent so they treat you diffrent to there friends so treat them like you treat your friends

Why would girls like boys as friends?

girls would like boys as friends, because it can increase ones popularity, boys have less drama, and it feels good to be friends with someone from the opposite sex to talk to and hang out with.

What type of girls do McFly like?

mcfly like all girls but they are best friends but i wil tell u how i no later

What do you do if your friends dont like girls yet but you do?

Chances are the girls your age are interested in boys already, so do what you feel like.

Do most girls like to talk to her friends abut her boyfriend's penis?

Some girls may talk to their friends about their boyfriend's penis, but it is not likely that most girls do. Usually girls talk about things other than that.

Do girls kiss each other?

if they are lesbians or good friends they do but if they are friends it is like a peck on the cheek

When girls act like they dount like you?

Girls are very good at acting, ask her or her friends what they think. Maybe she's not acting.

Why do girls 12 like soccer?

Girls like soccer because it is a fun sport, they get to make new friends, and get plenty of exercise.

Do girls be friends with your friends with your friends because they like you or wants to be closer to you and how can you know?

yes and no cuz it depends how they are like, like for an example if theri alonely and they they dont really have any friends they try to go for the pop. kids

Why is it that guys like skinny girls over chubby girls Is it just to show her off to ther friends?

Seems like they only want the skinny girls to show off.

Do girls like gay men?

Yes, they make excellent friends.

Is it normal to want to go out with friends like girls when you have a boyfriend?


Do mindlessbehavior like the omg girls as girlfriends?

No their just good friends