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Refer Quote from "Ziny": Here's an idea which I tried on my Creative Zen Microphoto to improve the radio reception.

This method should help any mp3 player which uses the headphone cable as an FM radio antenna.

1) Connect a 2 into 1 stereo jack into the player.

2) Connect a stereo extension cable into one of the two plugs. I use a 2 meter cable for this purpose. I leave the other end of this extension cable bare (unused).

Note: A shielded coaxial cable is NOT recommended.

3) Connect your headphones into the second stereo plug, leading directly from the player.

This method improves reception whilst not using any more power. I know that autoscan picks up more stations using this method so I know the antenna is more sensitive. Spurious interference noise is also reduced.

It seems paradoxical that the better the signal to noise ratio is, of the player, the more noticeable the extra noise is!

The microphoto makes an excellent radio and is fantastic when picking up a clean stereo signal. I think it actually shows which radio stations have the best quality transmitting equipment.

Of course there is room for improvement in sound quality reception, but I am happy with the improvement made so far.

Thanks PS. With respect to the 2 into 1 stereo connector (splitter), get one with gold or nickel type non-corroding fittings. Brass type fittings will oxidise and increase contact resistance at the connections, reducing antenna effectiveness over time. Thanks.

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Q: How do you get good FM reception from an IHome ipod radio thing?
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