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You don't. If the man does not fall in love with you on his own, he will not truly love you like he should. Don't try to find the right man, let the right man find you.

AnswerIt is impossible to get a man to fall in love with you. He must first be physically attracted to you in a sense that's unexplainable, then he must fall in love with you personality. and if he doesnt like either, then their isn't any thing you can do, and he wasnt the right one for you any ways! AnswerFirst of all, you must look your very best when you are around him (always!!)- remember - men are VISUAL creatures - they fall in love with their eyes. I liked this guy and he didn't even notice me until I lost 15 pounds and looked good in my tight jeans. After that he couldn't take his eyes off me.

Next, you must become friends, find things in common with him & of course you have to see him and be available to talk to him. Don't let on that you are all that interested in him, just interested in being his friend. Don't try too hard or give too much information - be a bit mysterious. Have fun, be flirty, and passionate about your life. Talk to as many guys as you can around him - when he sees other guys interested in you it could make him jealous & try harder, men are competitive.

The rest is up to fate & whether or not it was meant to be. There are plenty of men in the ocean, wait for the right fish that will give you what you deserve.

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Q: How do you get men to fall in love with you?
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