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go into the lugage cart and go up the hatch,Dodge obstcals the go do the next hatch to your right, you'll come to the coal car eep going to the next one to your right the talk to the conductor he will ask if you want to get off the train

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2012-06-09 14:20:00
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Q: How do you get of the train when there is a guard in mystery train island?
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How do you get passed the guard on mystery train island at Chicago?

You distract him.

How do you get passed the guard at the back of the train on mystery train island?

Well you don't really until the end, when you have to avoid the traps.

What do you need to do to beat mystery train island?

a train ticket and to search on this website for '' how to beat mystery train island''

Is Mark Twain the thief on mystery train island?

Nope. It is a woman.

When is mystery train island coming out for everyone?

Mystery Train Island came out for everyone on October 7, 2011.

When is mystery train island availble to members?

Mystery Train is already open for all.

What do you do after you get the transformer mystery train island?

You finish the island!

When is mystery train island available for everyone on poptropica?

Mystery Train island is came out on the 9th of September. Only members were aloud to play the whole island. Nonmembers had a demo. Mystery Train Island is coming out on the 7th of October for everyone.

Where do you find the porter in mystery train island?

In the back of the train

How do you reveal the notebook passage on mystery train island?

In order to reveal the notebook passage on Mystery Train Island, find the pencil.

How do you get past the Chicago guard in Poptropica mystery train?

you get a life

How do you get past the sleeping guard on Mystery Train Island?

Jump! Hehe If that doesn't work try Looking on Walktroughs on youtube Hope this helps :)!

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