How do you get out of a controlling relationship without guilt if you're scared of the guilty conscience?

You start by realizing that you deserve better. The person acting like a control freak is the one who should have the guilty conscience. A controlling relationship is unhealthy and has the potential to lead to worse behaviors. There are still some decent people in this world who want healthy, loving, giving relationships. Get away from this situation and find yourself someone who respects you and your God given free will. I realize that this is easier said then done, but take the initiative to get away from this person and each day thereafter will be a little easier and you will grow stronger. In the end, you will be proud of yourself and wonder why you ever stuck around in the first place. Best wishes for peace and love.


Realise that the abuser is very manipulative. One of their biggest ploys is inducing guilt. This is to get you to stay. In reality he is telling himself, I cant believe she puts up with this. He will never admit that though. Guilt is useless in helping you develop a better life. If anything have guilt over the fact that you are cheating yourself of a good life. Hes the problem, not you.