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Answer legal answerIt is witness.
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Q: How do you get out of testifying?
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What is the noun of testify?

A testifier is the person who is testifying.A testimony is the declaration made while testifying.

Can you get out of testifying in court?

You cannot get out of testifying in court just because you don't want to do it. If you feel unsafe about it, you can talk to the judge about it.

How can a witness get out of testifying in court?

it is not possible for a witness to get out of testifying in court. If you have received a statement to show for court, you must show up.

PERSON testifying for or against you?


What is process of giving sworn evidence called?

The process is called 'Testifying'. The term 'Testifying' came from a time when men were to swear on their testicals.

Who is testifying at Zondo commission today?

Former Transnet Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Anoj Singh

Is Roger Clemens testifying for steroids?


What is caused by deposition?

an authentic record is created testifying a fact

The right that protects you from testifying against yourself?

The 5th amendment

What was Mr Ewell's attitude while he was testifying?

His attitude was cocky and arrogant.

What does you plead the fifth means?

It means that you refuse to incriminate yourself by testifying

What was Mr. Ewell's attitude while he was testifying?

Cocky and arrogant

What was paul robeson's point in testifying before the house un-America activities committee?

That racial inequality was against American principles

Which of the rights could you invoke to protect you from testifying against yourself?

the fifth amendment.

Which citizens right does the fifth amendment protect?

testifying against themselves

Which events occur last in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

Elizabeth lies while testifying.

How can a community help put a man guilty of murder in jail for life?

By testifying against him.

Of the following which citizens' right does the Fifth Amendment protect?

testifying against themselves

Which amendment protects against a person testifying against himself?

In the US, the 5th Amendment.

Why might blacks be afraid to testify on the Emmett till case?

They knew they could & would be jailed to keep them from testifying.

Are the people you are testifying against in the court room with you?

Yes, so the other person can defend themselves through their lawyer

Is the word testify an abstract noun?

No, the word 'testify' is not a noun at all.The word 'testify' is a verb: to give evidence as a witness in a law court.The verb to testify is a word for an action: testify, testifies, testifying, testified.The abstract noun forms of the verb to testify are testimony and the gerund, testifying.

Why does marry warren warn john about testifying against abigail?

memo ochoa is the best goalie in the world!! n ronaldo is getting old with his bicycles and messi is not the best theres better players in the world. Mary warren warn john about testifying against abigail since she has been threaten from abigail

Why does Mary Warren warn John about testifying against Abigail in the book the crucible?

Because Abigail will charge Proctor of lechery.

What does a forensic psychiatrist do?

A forensic psychiatrist works with attorneys and the courts by interviewing, assessing and then testifying about individuals involved in court cases.