How do you get out of your alcoholic parents' house at 16?

I've been in this situation, and it's really tough. First, find a meeting of Ala-teen (or Ala-non). This is an organization of young people who have alcoholic parents. Many of them have been in a similar situation, and will have good suggestions. Is there an older friend, a school teacher or counselor, or a minister you can talk to? How about the parent of one of your friends? If there is neglect, or emotional or physical abuse in your parent's house, try to think of another alternative. Maybe you can stay with the family of a friend, an aunt or uncle, or a grandparent for a while? Ask them. Often if an adult calls and says, "Terry is going to stay with us for a while until things calm down at home." the parents will accept it. Report any abuse to the police. They probably won't be able to find somewhere else for you to stay, but your parents are more likely to let you move if they know the police are involved. If there is not abuse in the house, it's still crazy, I know. But, you might have to stay until you turn 18. Try to get a part-time job, so you'll have resources and be out of the house more. Keep going to Ala-teen meetings. Stay in school. It's tempting to just get a job, but you're throwing away a good part of your future. And count the days until you're 18.