How do you get over a guy who has lied and cheated all the time and has now got someone new but still just wants you for sex?

Come on there girlie ... get that pride going and kick this jerk to the curb! The way he is treating you is not love at all and I'd be madder than a pit bull in a bag if a guy did that to me. Really think of this ... how dare he want to come back to you for the sex!!!! He's not only using you like a $20 hooker, but he's also cheating on his new girlfriend. Boy, this guy sure has it good! You are stronger than you think, so tell this guy to take a hike and get out there with your girlfriends and do some fun things and before you know it you'll find some nice guy that you deserve. Always rely on yourself 100% because you should always be your own best friend through life. Is it hard to get over a guy like this? If so, then explore WHY. Try to figure out the root cause of your behavior. You can only change yourself, not others. Most people would be able to walk away from a cheater and user without giving it a second thought.