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How do you get papers for a puppy if you cannot obtain information on both parents?

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You can register with CKC. You need pictures and witnesses to show that the dog is purebred.


Unless you got the puppy from a good breeder (they will always give you the papers so you know who the parents are) then I doubt you are going to find out much about the parents. If you love your pet it doesn't really matter anyway.

I bought a doberman puppy advertised ckc reg said it would take 2 wks but its going on a month now called her and she still assures me they are coming, wanted her for breeding so she would be worthless to me except for a expenisive pet. is there anything I can do to get her reg

They are not a good breeder.

I would get a DNA test done on it and send it into the kennel club that u want.. you can look for a home DNA test on the internet that is about 50 dollars.. if you want to go the cheap way about it u don't need the info about the perents if u have the DNA test done :) i did it with my pit and i have all her papers and stuff

Dog DNA tests are NOT conclusive. There are not "breed genes" that can identify a dogs breed one way or another. It is only a best guess based on which genetic markers your dogs has compared to the breed standards of purebred dogs.

2011-09-13 03:24:00
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How to obtain papers for a pedigree pup that has no papers?

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Only pedigree/purebred dogs have papers, and the dog must be registered with a Kennel Club e.g. American Kennel Club, English Kennel Club. Not all purebreds have papers either, a puppy can only have papers if BOTH of it's parents themselves had pedigree papers. Unless your dog had two purebred parents of the same breed that each had pedigree papers, then you cannot get papers for your dog. Kennel Club registration papers and pedigree certificates should be given to you by the breeder if your dog is pedigree/Kennel Club registered. Papers cannot be purchased and so it is not likely that you will be able to retrieve them (if the breeder forgot to give you them etc.).

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There is no way any reputable registration would register your dog without having the proper pedigrees on the parents of the animal. And they do extensively check the pedigrees on both parents before they will register a litter of puppies or a single dog, So if anyone tells you to just put some false papers on the parents and you will get the papers they are not being truthful with you and you can get in a lot of trouble for falsifying information and giving it to a registry.

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