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Call a local towing company and tell them to come get it as a tow-a-way. Simple. abandoned car.

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Q: How do you get rid of a car that a bank will not come to get?
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When will the bank come and take your car after your bankruptcy is final?

yes they will.

How long does the bank have to come after you after your car has been repossessed?

Does the bank have your current address and/or phone number? They will be calling on you.

Who got rid of the national bank?

Andrew Jackson got rid of the 2nd National Bank.

How do you get rid of a financed car and or leased car?

Get someone to take over payments, via an ad in the paper. Trade it in, or give it back to the bank, and take the hit on your credit.

Can you get in trouble hidding the car from repo?

yes you can. thats why the bank usually hires people to come out and take your car back.

How do you get rid of the smell of beer in your car?

Get rid of the car. You should not Be driving you fool

How do I get rid of this car when the bank won't release the title to the car I paid the bank and the bank said I owed the for insurance on the car.I paid insurance and was not aware of any other?

Find out from the bank the days that they provided insurance. Then call your insurance company and get copies of your declarations pages from that time faxed to your bank. Once your bank has proof that you were insured elsewhere they will forgive the debt for the insurance and release the title.

Do you still owe the bank when a car gets repossessed?

Usually, yes. The bank will dispose of the car (often by auction) and then come to you for whatever they lost and all fees associated with the repossession and sale.

Is there any reason that the bank that is trying to repossess your car would contact a car auction to come to your place of residence?

Car auctions SELL repos for lenders and also pick them up from debtors. Is there any reason for a bank to "TRY" to repo a car??

Can a repo person come into your closed garage and get the car?

NO. Have him arrested if he did that. _____ Sue the lender/bank do not waste your time with the Repo guys; they are agents of the bank so the bank is responsible for their conduct.

Why would a bank sell someone's car?

Because the bank owns the car. The person that financed the car did not pay the bank.

Were can you take a car that you want to get rid of but don't have the title?

Why are you getting rid of a car to which you do not have the title, is it stolen?

If you are making payments to the bank for your car does the bank have your car title?

no,you should have title.

What is the procedure to reposses a car in Idaho?

We come out, at any given time, take the car, and you call your bank and ask how to get it back. I do a lot of repossessing in Idaho. We just come out. You can pay all but 5 cents of the car off, and since you have been in default, they can take the car.

Can a bank repo your car before notifing you before they come get it?

if you are behind at least 2-3 months behind in payments then they can come get it whenever they please

You can't pay for the car but the company won't come get it?

The bank that you have the loan with hires repo men to repossess the vehicle

Is it a repossession when the bank couldn't finance you and the dealer had to take car back?

GOOD question. Read the contract. Were you in default of it?? Why didnt you TAKE the car back? Why did they have to come get it?

What is us bank address for car loans?

Look for your local bank that has car loans

Why did Andrew Jackson get rid of the first central bank?

The central bank is the cause of deflation in currency

Can you go to jail if you owe a bank for a car?

in nc, can you go to jail if you owe a bank for a car?

Battle over national bank?

The battle over national bank happened when president Jackson wanted to get rid of the national bank

If live in Indy in your car is going to be repo and ihave not got any the in the mail can they come take your car?

Of course, the bank has the right to take it if you are not making any payments.

Can you return a car to the bank?

I assume you bought it on payments, You can return it, BUT, That is called, Voluntary Repossesion, That is as bad for your credit as A regular repo., I suggest you sell it and pay the bank, Or, talk to the bank to see if they will take it back without giveing negative report, THIS IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY, But they can not report you for asking, If not, ask if they have A lot where they put their repo's, If so ask if you can put it there and continue making payments until it sells,,,,,, Your last option to get rid of car and still keep your credit score is,(ALL this is the question, I am not going from A question to A statement)>>>> Ask if you can get A personal loan and sell the car for what you can get,,,,,,,,,, Why would you do this? This is why>> You bought the car, Its worth $5000.00, You owe $5800.00, everyone offers $4800.00 for it, There is A $1000.00 gap to fill, You do not have A grand in cash, but you really want to get rid of car, You borrow the thousand from the bank and sell the car, give the $4800.00 to the bank, Now you have 12 payments of about $94.50 A month, You can handle that payment, and keep your credit too.,,,,,,,,,Good luck, Jamison.,,,,,,

How do you get rid of a bank pin on rs?

you click on bank and Click " i don't remember..." it will take 3 days

If you buy a car with a lien on it will the lien come off?