How do you get rid of a small double chin?

How I got rid of a double chin is doing jaw exercises.

1. Point chin up, and pucker lips, hold for 10 sec.

2. Sit up straight, but slowly move backwards, you'll feel the jaw tightening.

3. Pull head up for better posture, and pull your lower lip in, and move your lower mouth up

and down

4. chew sugar free gum, even if it gives you gas, it moves the jaw constantly,

tip: choose gum with fewer calories, that's mostly the reason why you have a double chin:


5. put one end of a spring loaded toilet paper holder just under your chin and the other end on the base of your neck and move your head up and down as if you were nodding your head yes. do this a few times a day and see results.

6. You can lose weight all over your body, to do so you need to eat healthy foods in the right amounts, and exercise, and the more calories you've burned off, the less double chin you'll have.