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scar solutionOn old scars or new scars ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets or ScarAway Scar Diminishing Serum with Massaging ApplicatorIf you have a scar that is raised or discolored, silicone scar sheets are the best thing to use.They resemble fabric patches and are lined with a specialty silicone that helps reduce scar tissue. It is a pain free at home treatment, and the results can be dramatic. Over 20 years of research show it is an effective method of both treating and preventing scars. In the medical profession, silicone sheeting is considered first line therapy for abnormal scars. This type of treatment has been used by hospitals and burn centers for years, but now there are some professional grade silicone sheets available over the counter.I used silicone sheets a few times.The first time because I developed a reddish purple thick rope like textured scar after a surgery a few years ago. I previously tried every over the counter cream and sheet and even an expensive cream from my dermatologist. Nothing worked. My scar was over three years old and I had nearly given up hope when my doctor recommended trying ScarAway sheets. After just a few days my scar was noticeably softer and after a few weeks, the itching was gone and it was flatter and less red. After 10 weeks I could not believe the results. My scar has virtually vanished. All that is left is a faint whitish line, but it blends with my skin and is no longer raised up and thick, and no one points it out anymore. These sheets were very easy to use compared to other scar treatments I've tried. I just put it on my scar after showering and sometimes just left the sheet on for days, opting to cover it when I shower instead of taking it off like directions say to do. I was thrilled to be able to wear certain clothes again after years of covering up my scar. :)I used it more recently for some raised up purplish acne scars on my face and shoulder. I wore them at night and they receded and faded very quickly.My mom used them on her heart surgery scar almost right after surgery because this type of surgery is know to often leave a very thickened raised scar. It helped speed up her scar healing and her scar looks amazing. No raised spots. Even the doctor was pleasantly surprised. At her follow up visit he said she looked like she had been healing for a year and it was only 4 months.I love silicone scar sheets. When everything else failed for me, I was glad to discover them. I keep them around for whatever life has to bring.I purchased mine at Walgreens and on
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Q: How do you get rid of burn scars on your arms from cooking or from ironing clothes?
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