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A native accent can be hard to overcome and Slavic speakers such as Poles often have a distinctive accent even when they are otherwise completely fluent in the English language.

To develop an authentic English accent takes a lot of careful listening to native English speakers and careful focus on the sounds spoken. It can be hard to really hear your own voice so the use of a voice recorder can be very helpful in listening to your own pronunciation of words and phrases. A few minutes each day with a recorder can be valuable in mastering English pronunciation.

Take care to listen to the English accent that you wish to emulate. In Britain, there are hundreds of distinct accents. The US and Canada also have numerous accents as do all other English speakers. Pick the one that is the best for your situation.

Finally, many Poles who speak almost perfect English are caught out with the use of "a" and "the". These articles are so easy for native speakers to use and incredibly hard for Slavic speakers who don't have them in their own language. The more focused listening you get to do, the more these two tiny words will come naturally to you.

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To reduce a Polish accent, focus on pronunciation by practicing minimal pairs (similar words that differ by one sound) and work on specific sounds that are challenging for you. Listening to native Polish speakers and imitating their speech patterns can also help improve your accent. Lastly, keep regular practice and seek feedback from a speech coach or language tutor for additional support.

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Q: How do you get rid of polish accent?
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