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  • Use anti-antiperspirant/deodorant daily.
  • Some studies have linked anti-antiperspirants with breast cancer. The best thing you can use under your arms is plain old baking soda!
  • The odor is primarily caused by bacteria. So anything that gets rid of the bacteria will also get rid of the odor. So as the person above suggested, baking soda will do the trick. So will vinegar and water, vitamin C and water, lemon juice and water. There are also those deodorant "stones" that are also available in the health food stores that are basically a natural mineral that you moisten with a little water and then rub under your arm. This works well also.
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Q: How do you get rid of underarm odor?
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What is the best remedy for underarm odor for kids?

use deodorant every morning and your underarm odors will be invisible.

Does lemon juice and baking soda get rid of underarm odor?

Yes.the lemon helps kill bacteria that causes odor,while baking soda nuetralizes odor.but you have to,leave the paste on for like a minute or so,for it to do it's job

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Shave it

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no, sorry. I recently had a breast reduction, and my underarm flab is definitely still there. From what I understand, that can only be gotten rid of by doing excercises to tone your arms.

How do you correct underarm odor?

Wash more frequently. Change shirt often. Try another deodorant.

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You can get rid of Trichomycosis by clipping the hair or shaving it off. Trichomycosis is an underarm hair bacterial infection.

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Breast buds, underarm hair, pubic hair, body odor increases....

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