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-Wash your hair every other day in the morning- Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday

-Use a flavoured shampoo that smells amazing- Try 'Lush' its an amazing store.

-use a little comb to scrub the shampoo into your head. This will also get rid of any dead skin.

-Try home remedies for hair which you can find on the internet

-Use hairspray it smells okay and its way better then the smell of vomit.


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How do you get rid of that vomit smell?

Bleach or vinegar would probably work.

How do you get rid of burnt hair smell in hair?

Burnt hair is caused by extreme heat from hair dryers, sraighteners and even naked flame for examples. To get rid of the smell you need to get good shampoo and conditioner.

How do you get rid of egg smell from hair?

Get some milk and pour it on the hair and then have a bath.

How can i get rid of the perm smell in my hair?

Rinse your hair with white vinegar a couple of times. Or else go to Sallys Beauty Supply and they have something to get rid of it.

How can you get rid of the smell in your hair after an acid perm?

Baking soda+ water solution and hair products that are designed for a permed hair.

Why does vomit smell?


Why does papaya smell like vomit?

Because vomit smells like papaya.

How do you get vomit smell out of suede fabric?

Perhaps it is a residue as a result of tanning? If the smell is from actual vomit, you might take it to the drycleaners for a cleaning.

Can you make a sentence with the word vomit?

The smell of the vomit cleared the room. They had to clean it up quickly to avoid vomit stains.

Why does vomit smell like poo?

it doesn't

How do you get vomit smell out of furniture?

you spray it with fabreez

How do you get rid of the smell of hair removal cream?

Use a mild cleanser on the area and follow up with moisturizer.

What are things to smell that make you vomit?

There are a lot of different things that can make people vomit if they smell them. The one that seems to work on all people is things that are dead.

Does vinegar get rid of headlice?

It helps but your better off using rid If you decide to use the vinegar it smells really bad and it's hard to get the smell out of your hair

Is it true tomato juice gets rid of hair dye smell?

yes- I have found that it works for me most of the time.

Get rid of skunk smell?

If you want to get rid of skunk smell bathe in tomato juice

How do you get rid of dog urine smell in the yard?

How do you get rid of dog urine smell in the yard?

How do you rid your body of alcohol?

you vomit or go to the toilet

How do you get rid of mold smell?

Get rid of the mould.

Does cat vomit have fur balls?

The vomit may contain hair, but not necessarily balls of it.

What is the best solution to removing vomit smell from carpet?

clean it

How can i get rid of the smell in my belly button?

You can get rid of that funny smell by applying alcohol on it at least twice a day.

Do cats puke?

Yes, cats do vomit most of the time its just a hair ball but they do vomit.

Does smoking damage hair?

Only on Wednesdays. You may ask how do i know this. It is mainly due to my bad experience one Wednesday afternoon when i had a cigarette, then randomly my hair fell out pubic hair, head hair, leg hair and my beard. Bad times.Awkward^^ and TMIIf you are a chronic smoker, your hair will begin to constantly smell like cigarette smoke. Washing your hair will not get rid of the smell.

Why does your hair smell?

Someone's hair can smell because of poor grooming. When the hair has not been cleaned for a long time, the sweat and dandruff accumulate and that causes the hair to smell.