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How do you get shiny hair?

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You could put a little bit of vinegar in your hair. just about a tablespoon. Also if you want to bleach your hair all you have to do is put some lemon juice in it.

Use cocnut and almond hair mask from boots, works a treat!

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Is Remy hair shiny?

Yes, Remy hair is high-quality hair; it's soft and shiny.

Why is your hair glowing?

If you find that your hair is glowing, it might be because it is very shiny from washing or styling. Some hair products, such as hair serums, leave hair very glossy and shiny.

How do you have a shiny hair?


How do you keep hair shiny?

In order to have shiny hair you should use condintioner or when showering turn the water to cold.

What oil can make my hair look shiny soft not dry-?

The oil that can make your hair look soft and shiny is Salmon.

How do you get soft shiny hair?

Herbal Essences Hair Masque.

What does sodium laureth sulfate do for your hair?

it makes our hair shiny and healthy

What hair shampoo does Selena Gomez use?

Syoss for shiny hair

Is the word shiny a describing word?

Yes, shiny is an adjective. I have shiny, long hair. The car's rims were very shiny. The window was so clean it was shiny. The shiny porcelain top reflected everything.

What enzymes make hair shiny?


Is her hair is as shiny as ebony a metaphor?

no. it is a similie.

How get shiny hair?

i use pantene ice shine conditioner and shampoo and it keeps my hair shiny, healthy, and strong. here's a secret that a lot of people don't know- when rinsing your hair, rinse it in cold water, that keeps it very shiny. - miss star

Which hair straightener can create silky shiny hair instantly?

The Instyler claims it does.

How can you use the word hair in a sentence?

The girls hair looked really shiny.

How do you get shiny African American hair?

You can't "get" African American hair; however, if you do have it & want it to shine, you can simply put argon oil or coconut oil in your hair. There are several sheen sprays you can put in your hair to make it shiny.

How do you get smooth and shiny hair?

use conditioner, it's gonna make your hairs shiny and smooth.

Shiny hair gets its sheen from oil produced by the glands?

These glands are called the sebaceous glands which produce oil to give the hair a chic shiny lustre.

Does lemon juice make your hair go blond?

No, it helps to make your hair shiny.

Does washing your hair in cold water really make it shiny?

no, but things that can make your hair shiny are: brushing your hair lessfrequently using egg yolks when you wash your hair, and making sure that you aren't frying it with straightener ,curling irons , etc...

Characteristic of a well nourished people?

shiny hair

Do eggs make your hair more shiny?


How does Cristiano Ronaldo make his hair shiny?


Is vinegar good for your hair?

Yes it makes it shiny!

Was hera's hair shiny?

I dont know but It was wavy

How do you have shiny long hair in great condition?

you wash it

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