How do you get someone to take you somewhere?

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Fuel smell coming from somewhere on the car someone told me this is common?

Answer . It is not common to smell gasoline around a vehicle. Gasoline is highly flammable, and if you can smell it, there is probably enough to make a pretty good bang. The first thing to check is in the engine compartment, at the top of the engine where the fuel comes into the device that intro ( Full Answer )

Find out how many hours it would take to get somewhere?

If driving, go to any map engine online such as and enter your details. The resulting maps will show the best route and estimate the drive.\n. \nIf flying try a cool website called "". Enter your airport details and it will estimate the flight length for you.\n. ( Full Answer )

I wish there was a somewhere out for me and i don't know how much i can take it damnit?

There is a way for you to get the help you need to figure things out. There are people everywhere waiting to help feel better. When things get bad, you do not have to deal with it alone, but you do need to reach out and ask for help. You can talk to someone there in your community or call the nation ( Full Answer )

How long does it take for the police to arrive somewhere?

It depends on the locality, and what the emergency is. Here in my city, the reponse time average is something like 30 or 40 minutes if it's a genuine immediate emergency. If you call in a crime that is already over with, such as a home burglary, it make take several hours. Several months ago, as ( Full Answer )

How do you get your mom to take you somewhere?

I always cry and scream when i want to go somewhere and i can so this is what i do instead:. 1.Ask niclely if my mom will let me go. 2.keep bugging her until she says yes. some really nice stuff after. hint Hint* do it when she's at her best if she's mad don't bother her wait.. if you have ( Full Answer )

How do you persuade your parents to not take you somewhere?

well ... in order to persuade your parents to take you somewhere you have to be responsible,do your chores but most of all you have to explain to your parents why you should go and why they should take should work on them unless their strict parents.

How do you get your parents to take you somewhere right away?

If ur trying to go over some persons house u have to ask that person to ask ur parent if u can come over but the parent can not know u told the other person to do that it always works with me i call it the sneak call

Where is somewhere?

in or at or to some place; "she must be somewhere"; (`someplace' is used informally for `somewhere') an indefinite or unknown location; "they moved to somewhere in Spain" . Everywhere and nowhere. somewhere is everything around you and nothing else. It is also nothing here but something there.

How do you convice your sister to take you somewhere?

Here is how to convince your sister to take you somewhere step by step: 1. Ask her if you can go to the "place that you want to go" very politely and nicely. Make sure that she is in a good mood when you ask her. 2. If she says no, don't beg or get on her nerves by asking her again and again. ( Full Answer )

If you were looking for somewhere to stay rent free in exchange for taking care of someones property while you finish school how could you find a place like this?

Two places. Go to your college employment office many times people list things like this with them because they want a college student. Second, look in your phone book or on line and see if there is a house sitting connection agency that matches people with people who have houses that need sitting ( Full Answer )

Is there somewhere to report someone who you feel may need to be watched for a sexual or violent crime?

Unfortunately, unless you can produce some evidence or logically explain some extenuating factors for your suspicion, you really have nothing of a substantive nature to report. However, try to get an interview appointment with a detective of your local law enforcement agency, explaining in general t ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to take pictures of websites and post them somewhere else?

it depends, yes you can use pictures for putting them on a forum or anything. but if you are using it for a company use (i.e. website) you will need to check out the copyright. most of the time it is fine, but if it is like a totally legit site and it is a picture they took. then dont use it. try im ( Full Answer )

When you are lonely it is true that someone somewhere is thinking of you?

Yes very true, we call it telepathy. Most of us do have this senses and its really unique, because it first came from Siamese twin. In history this 2 sisters knows what's the other is thinking when and if they are not together. But when it comes to our love ones, like man and his wife, boyfriend/ gi ( Full Answer )

Is it legal somewhere to murder someone with a chainsaw and if so where?

Yes. In war, it is technically legal to kill opposing soldiers with a chainsaw. Current wars include the Afghanistan war, and the Israel-Palestine war. Have to disagree on a technicality. MURDER- as opposed to killing- is defined as the unlawful killing of another human being, with malice (ba ( Full Answer )

How do you bribe your mom to take you somewhere?

Tell her that you have to. Say it's for school if she dosen't agree than say you really need to go because it will be an experience or you doing a project than say ill ask my teacher for a letter and type it out and print it, or just to simply enjoy your experience. .

What does it mean when a dead person takes you somewhere anonymous in your dream?

There is very little information here to work with. The "dead person" might be anyone from Moses to Thomas Jefferson to Princess Di - in such cases the meaning of the dream could be quite wonderful. Or the "dead person" could be Grandma or a friend from the past or someone recently deceased. In that ( Full Answer )

How do you get your mom to take you somewhere when you have been bad?

In any situation that deals with parents it is especially difficult to impact their decisions if they have deemed that you are being "bad." In order to best sway a parents opinion/decisions you should attempt to be "good" and they will be more likely to listen.