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How do you get started in Texas as a repo person?


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2015-07-15 19:10:21
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99% of the time, at the BOTTOM. LOL Lot attendant, gopher, drivers helper. Like most other professions. Cassy, would it impress you if a person walked up to you and told you a lot of things about YOU that wasnt common knowledge??? Well. you can do the same thing with the repo co. Study their website. Study the IL laws, the FDCPA, the CRPA, ect. have some kind of general knowledge about repoing. KNOW WHICH END OF THE REPOTRUCK THE CAR HOOKS TO. LOL A good solid week of learning before you call will put you miles ahead of the rest of the "rookie" crowd. 1. What hours of the day/night can you "legally" make contact with the debtor? 2. What can you "legally" tell the debtors neighbors, relatives,ect. about WHY you want to find the car, talk to the debtor, know where the debtor lives,ect. 3. When does a "Breach Of Peace" occur during a repo? 4. What do you do when "BOP" occurs? 5. What is a "wrongful repossession"?? 6. WHO can be SUED for a "WR"? 7. What do you do when the debtor pulls a GUN on you? 8. Can you "LEGALLY" carry a gun while repoing? 9. Does TX require repomen to have a license? 10. Can you drive a repo to do another repo? those and email me. Have FUN and BE SAFE


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Operation Repo - 2007 Mess with Texas was released on: USA: 23 April 2012

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Answer to Impersonating a repo manAnswer to "Can a person impersonate a repo man?" Not if you want to go to jail for grand theft-auto larceny or willing to be shot and\or killed.

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REPO LAWS DOT COM has a good over view of the rules in Texas.

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the lienholder can repo at anytime as long as there is NO breach of peace.

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if i want to be a repo officer how can i become one with out going to school do i have to go to school for that

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