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How do you get the CD player out of a 1999 Cougar?


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u need to buy ford prongs. you can usually get them at any place that sells aftermarket CD players. its two horseshoe like things with two prongs to put into the holes on the side of the CD player. u push them in and pull to the sides while pulling straight out. then the CD player will follow

Don't waste money. all you need is 4 nails. choose the right diameter. Don't worry if the holes are square, doesn't matter, stick 'em in, push to the sides and pull. takes a bit fiddling, be patient and careful not to scratch the face. ALSO! do it in your own driveway! I've had to do it near an electronics shop to take it for repairs and the passer by gave me a strange look :) though he was gonna call the cops on me :)


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most stock CD players or radios have about 200 watts in them unless you upgraded the stero when u got the car

The CD player if you have one is located inside the Arm Rest Console.

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you are better off leaving the factory CD player because the theft system, pwr locks, etc. are all connected through the CD player and will not work if u remove it unless u re-wire the factory CD player to the trunk.

you cut the yellow and black wire from the origanal plug and wire these from the CD player wire the yellow, red, blue, wire into the yellow and the black from origanal plug to black on CD player

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You can try a CD player cleaner. Check the CD s also, they may be too scratched to work in the player. Also make sure you are putting the CD in correctly(right side up).

Almost all CD players which you can buy in electronic stuff stores. When you buy it online you can check compability. The only problem which you can get is wiring, make sure that you have it before you start.

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If the CD Player will not read the CD then either there is something wrong with the CD or the CD player or the CD or CD player needs to be cleaned.

The 1999 Mercury Cougar OBD 2 port is under driver side dash left of steering column

The 1999 Mercury Cougar OBD 2 port is under driver side dash left of steering column

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i had a rebuilt one put in my 1999 cougar for $1300

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