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SRS malfunctioning. Take the vehicle to the dealer for repair.

take the vehicle to a dealer

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Q: How do you get the airbag light to stop flashing on a 97 Pathfinder?
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How do I get the airbag light to stop flashing in a 1998 infiniti i30?

fix the airbag.

How do i stop yellow airbag light from staying on and how do i stop red airbag light continuosly flashing?

When these light stay on its an indication that something is wrong and needs to be serviced.

How do I stop an Airbag light on 1998 pathfinder from flashing constantly on the dashboard?

By having it repaired by a qualified technician. It is flashing because something is wrong with the SRS. Do not ignore this and do not attempt to repair yourself. Serious injury can occur when working with the SRS.

HOW DO YOU stop the air bag light from flashing in a 2006 crown vic?

The light is flashing because there is a problem. The problem will need to be diagnosed and repaired to stop the flashing.

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HOW to stop airbag light flashing?

This is likely a sign that something is wrong with the system (which could cause it not to operate as designed!) Refer to your owner's manual or take the vehicle into a dealership for a diagnostic. Safe driving!

What does a flashing red traffic light mean?

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How do you stop the glow plug light flashing even thought you av put in new ones and it is still flashing on a vw bora t reg?

when the glow plug light is flashing during driving it is not the plugs that need replaced it normally means you have a bulb blown most commonly one of your sidelights and once replaced your glow plug light will stop flashing

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How do you stop temperature gauge flashing red on your car even after you have topped up coolant reservoir?

Switch the ignition off and start the car again.The light will then stop flashing.

How do you clear a flashing air bag light on a 1993 Mazda 626 ES?

The only way to stop the light from flashing it to get it fixed. The dianostic system is telling you there is a problem with the air bag, which means it won't activate properly or at all. There is a "clockspring" in the steering column that is probably broken. When the clockspring no longer makes contact, the airbag light comes on. The "clockspring" takes the place of the old slip rings and spring loaded contacts used in older cars and is used to transfer circuits from the steering wheel to the stationary column making the airbag, horn and speed/cruise control operational. To fix involves removing the airbag. Take it to the dealer.

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