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How do you get the alternator out after you get the bolts and wires disconnected on a 1987 Honda Accord?


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2015-07-15 19:51:35
2015-07-15 19:51:35

You have to remove the lt cv 1/2 shaft so the alternator will drop down, this means you remove the spindal nut & disconnect the lower control arm ball joint so you could swing the wheel hub out from the axle. its a lot of work for an alternator change. lots of luck!!! When you do it look over the cv boot & replaced the 1/2 shaft if its torn. You could get a rebuilt 1/2 shaft for about 79.00 with lifetime warranty.

  • Most people would give the above answer, and if you have the tools and the know-how that is probably the best way to do it, but there is another way and you need a friend to help you do it. After removing the belt and bolts, rotate the alternater over and remove both of the electrical hook-ups. Once you have done this, rotate the alternator so that the pulley side is facing the passengers side of the vehicle. It can then be rotated over the lower engine frame towards the passenger side. Then carefully pull it up the rear of the engine block being careful to reattach any of the lines that are removed in the process. Once again, it is impossible to do it this way without help. Hopefully this helps. Good luck!!!

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To remove the alternator on 1988 Honda CRX the negative battery must first be disconnected. The belt needs to be loosen and the mounting bolts need to be removed as well. When unmounted the alternator will slide off, and a new unit can be replaced.

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Loosen the upper and lower alternator mounting bolts. Turn the adjustment bolt on the lower left-hand side of the alternator. You should only be able to bend the belt 90 degrees at its longest run, in the middle. When done adjusting, tighten the upper and lower alternator mounting bolts.

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To reach the alternator on a 2000 Honda Civic loosen the adjustment bracket. Pull the loose belt off then loosen the bolts for the alternator. Replace the alternator.

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When Honda designed their V-6 engine they did not repeat one of the worst mistakes they made on the inline 4. On an inline 4 Honda, the alternator is stuffed between the engine and the firewall and you need to take apart half the front end to get to it. The alternator on a V-6 Honda is between the engine and radiator - very easy to get to. unhook the battery, loosen the two bolts that hold the alternator in, pivot the alternator to loosen the belt, remove the wiring to the alternator, remove the two bolts, lift out the alternator...if the new alternator doesn't have a pulley move the pulley from old to new, then bolt it in leaving the two bolts loose for now, hook up the wiring, put the belt back on, adjust belt tension and tighten everything down good before reconnecting the battery.

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