How do you get the brake pads off a 1996 Elantra to replace the rotor?

Changing Rotors on a 1996 Hyundai Elantr

Remove the Brake caliper and caliper holder as a unit. Two bolts at the back. you will need a compressor of some sort to drive the caliper piston back in the caliper if you are installing new pads.After the caliper is removed heat the centre of the brake disc, where it goes over the Hub, using a propane torch don't overheat it though just enough to expand the disk so it will come off the hub. Hit it on the back with a hammer if you are not using the disk again. If you are using the disk again I suggest using a block of hardwood and hit the wood with the hammer. If you have a puller then use it instead but usually backyard mechanics don't have such tools. You will have to judge how hard you hit it but with heat applied it shouldn't have to be hit too hard.

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