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How do you get the engine light to go out on a 2002 Sedona?



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You have to find out what is wrong first or it will keep coming on. Get your local phone book out and call auto repair shops and ask if they do diagnostics. Unfortunately, this simple 5 minute procedure usually has a fee. I was lucky to find an honest mechanic in my town that admittedly says this should not be a charge because all the do is hook up a little clip that has a diagnostic machine to it and it give a code and tell them what is wrong. Sears does it and if you take the time to call around you may get lucky to. Going rate for the rip off artist is 50 - 75 dollars. I dont know if you have a Discount or Advanced auto but they do it for free too but only give you the code, they dont know what it is and then you call the dealer and ask them.