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95 truck manif its a 2 wheel drive,you may have to remove or disconnect the exhaust from the engine.if it is a stick shift trans.,simply unbolt the pan and slide it back toward rear of truck.(drain oil and remove filter first)use a one piece pan gasket to replace the old gasket.this is a good time to replace timing gears and chain also.

Unless your driving a race truck don't bother changing your chain or gears they usually last the life of the motor. Its easiest and professional to pull the motor out so that a proper cleaning job can be done as well so that pieces of rust debris don't fall into the new pan when your installing it. You wouldn't want them floating around in your bottom end. If you have 4x4 your stuck pulling the motor out.

I already worked on 5 silverado's 4wd. when I had to take Oil Pan out, you don't need to pull motor out or taking front differential. Too much work. Simple way I do trick ways nobody believe me which I done it. Un bolt Motor Mounts Bolts then get cherry picker rise the engine up lilttle bit then take oil pan slide toward back it will come out. Easy and Simple.

I believe you... I have a 92 1500 with the 350 and just took the oil pan out. All I did was take the through bolts out of the engine mounts and used a floor jack, a short 2x4 and the crank pulley. Jacked it up till the fan hit the shroud. I then put the bolts back in the mounts on the motor and put the mounts back on the mounts bolted to the chassis (which it jacked the motor up about 2 or 3 inches). After that I just took the pan bolts out and it slipped right out to the rear. So it does work. I'm not totally sure on the 95 though.

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Q: How do you get the oil pan off of a 1995 Chevy truck?
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