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Buy the universal tool for removing the clip behind the window crank handle. It's about $4 at an auto parts store.

Also need to remove 2 screws at armrest. Remove the armrest padding by pulling up on it firmly. Remove the 2 Phillips head screws that are screwed at an angle into the door.

Pull the interior door latch handle to see the screw that needs to be removed. Slide the handle/plastic trim piece forward and pull the leading edge out from the panel to remove partly. Complete removal of the handle/plastic trim piece by disconnecting the attached rod.

Pop off the plastic trim by the lower front corner of the window.

Remove the panel by pulling straight out from the door along the perimeter to release the numerous plastic clips along the sides and bottom. A $6 investment for a trim removal tool at the auto parts store makes this much easier. Complete removal of the panel by lifting up and away from the window.

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Q: How do you get the panel off the front passenger side door to replace the window of a 2002 Chevy Prizm 4-Door with manual door mechanics?
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