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go to autozone and see why its on, they check it free. One word of caution however, they will give you the code, they do not diagnose the problem. They may guess and suggest a part(as they sell parts)based on the code description, but this is still a shot in the dark.

I had a light on and I went to Advance Autoparts and the counter guy printed out a history of codes, all of which came back that my O2 sensor on the tailpipe was faulty. When I changed the sensor, I had to diconnect the battery to reset the warning light. You have to leave it disconnected about 1/2 hour to reset.

Before going to Autozone and checking codes, try the "reset" button located in the fuse box (open driver's door and look on the side of the dash). Key in the "on" position, engine not running, hold the reset button until you hear the chime ring a couple of times. Once the light is reset, if it comes back on within several miles of driving I would definitely have it checked out.

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Q: How do you get the service engine soon light off on the dashboard of a 2000 Olds Alero?
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