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An interesting question because you don't say why you changed all those components and parts in the first place. I have to ASSUME that the SES light came on, you changed all the parts, and the light is still on. Is that right? The 97 Monte has a Powertrain Control Module (PCM)that utilizes OBD ll fault codes. You plug in a scanner to read the fault code(s) that turned the SES on in the first place. If you did scan, I'm guessing you had codes ranging from PO300 through to P0336. For some reason, you changed all the parts you listed. Was the engine missing? Did it stop missing after the parts change? If it did and the SES light is still on try this: 1) Clear the codes with your scanner or, 2)Disconnect the ground cable from the battery, or, if you have theftlock, pull the PCM power fuse to kill the power to the PCM for 60 seconds. Reconnect the power and turn the key to see if the SES stays on. If the light goes off, run the engine for a few minutes, shut it off and restart, if there is still no SES light, problem is fixed because no new codes were set. If the light is on, you're probably getting false misfire trouble codes because you replaced either the 7X or 24X crank position sensor. You will have to get a dealer to zap your PCM with a Crankshaft Position Sensor Variation Learning Procedure. Hope this helped

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Q: How do you get the service engine soon light on 97 Monte Carlo to go out if you have already replaced the ignition module plugs wires crank sensor and all 3 coil packs?
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