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Depending on the brand, there are 2 brass nuts. 1 is the one that holds the packing down around the stem so it won't leak (this is the easier of the 2 to get to & probably the 1 you've taken off) The 2nd one is larger (close to an inch) and it's the one that hold the valve stem in the body of the valve.

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Degrees offered at Indiana state university?

nurseing degrees, teaching degrees

What is pewter casting melting point?

230 degrees Celsius

What city is at 41 degrees north and 80 degrees west?


What is at 41 degrees north and 87 degrees West?

Indiana is at 41 degrees north and 87 degrees west.

Which colleges in Indiana offer degrees related to computers and software?

All of the major colleges in the state of Indiana have degrees in computers and computer software. These include Indiana University, Purdue University, the University of Notre Dame, Butler and Indiana State.

What city is 40 degrees north and 86 degrees west?

Noblesville, Indiana.

How is the temperature in the summer at Indiana?

During the summer, Indiana is very hot. The temperature gets up to 84 degrees F. (29 degrees C)

What state is 85 degrees west 40 degrees north?

Indiana is 85 degrees west and 40 degrees north.

When does it get warm in Indiana?

Well here in Indiana sometimes in march it can be 70 degrees or 7 degrees there should be a steady heat rise starting probably in April.

What is the highest temperature is Indiana?

The highest temperature recorded in Indiana is 116 degrees Fahrenheit recorded on July 14, 1936 at Collegeville, Indiana.

What is Indiana average temperature?

179 degrees farenhit

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What state is located at 40 degrees North Latitude and 86 degrees west longitude?


What is the degree of latitude that passes through the center of Indiana?

Indiana extends from (just south of) 38 degrees north to (just south of) 42 degrees north. The full degree latitude closest to the midpoint is 40 degrees north.

What is the warmest temperature ever recorded in Indiana?

The highest temperature recorded in Indiana is 116 degrees Fahrenheit recorded on July 14, 1936 at Collegeville, Indiana.

What is the main temperature in winter in Indiana?

it is about 27 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the average temperature in the summer of Indiana?

89 degrees fahrenheit.

What longitude line forms most of the eastern border of Indiana?

Indiana' eastern border is 84 degrees 49' W.

What city is located approximately 41 degrees north latitude and 87 degrees west longitude?

Gary, Indiana

What is average room temperature in a medical office in Indiana?

65 degrees

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Coldest temperature for Indiana-36 degrees FahrenheitNew Whiteland, IndianaJanuary 19, 1994Source: NOAA Website

What is the absolute location latitude and longitude of Indianapolis Indiana?

39 degrees 44' N 86 degrees 17' W

Would the state Tennessee or Indiana cross more degrees of longitude?


Is Tennessee more east than Indiana?

Tennessee extends further east than Indiana. Tennessee's eastern point is 81 degrees 37' W. Indiana's eastern point is 84 degrees 49' W.

Average temperature in Indiana winter and summer?

Winter: around 27 degrees Fahrenheit Summer: around 73 degrees Fahrenheit

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