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If you are asking about when you change the timing belt, go to, there is a walkthru in the Knowledge base section.

the crank must be set to TDC and the cams also

Added how-to link to related links below.

I just went through this myself. The manual is wrong. A tsb is out but doesn't explain it all. this is what you do.

this is not an interferance head, so doesnt matter where the timing marks are set to start. Remove and install the belt. get it all adjusted, then set the lower crank timing mark to tdc. Place a 15/16 wrench on the intake cam, hold tight and loosen the gear mount bold so the gear if free to move. Hold a 1" wrench on the exhause cam. Remove the oil plug, Hold the wrench tight and loosen the gear bolt so its free to move. Rotake each cam with the wrench so the timing tool fits in the slots at the end of the cam. Once the alinging tool is in both the exhaust and the intake cam slots. re check that your crank timing mark is still at tdc. Both cam gears are still loose so you can reset the crank timing mark if it moved. Now hold the intake cam with the 15/16 wrench, Tighted gear bold to 50lbs. Hold the exhaust cam with the 1" wrench. Tighten the cam gear bold to 80lbs. Install the oil end plug. Crank engine to build oil pressure in the exhause cam gear. Place the crank timing mark at tdc. Place cam timing tool back in the slots, Loosen the exhaust gear mount bold, reset exhaust cam sothe alignment tool fits again. Tighten exhaust gear to 80lbs. Good to go. I tried it like the book said, then by the tsb. this way works. Good luck

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Q: How do you get the timing set on a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2?
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