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How do you get to the iPod app store?


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Through an iPod Touch, you have to be connected to Wi-Fi and then you just tap the App Store app.

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The App Store app automatically comes pre-installed in the iPod Touch.

It is not possible to delete the App Store. It stays on your iPod forever.

i forgot my ipod touch username for app store?

go to the app store located on your ipod touch or on itunes store on your computer

The App store is already on your ipod touch.

if you have ipod touch 1st gen you can update to 2.1 to get the app store then any other ipod touch has app store but back 2 the question the app store should be on the home screen it is blue and has a pencil and paint brush and a line through the middle and underneath says app store

You can find an app store online for your ipod 4 on your ipod. Usually, they will have the app installed for you so you don't have to go through the hassle yourself.

go to the app store app that came with the ipod

It comes with the iPod when you buy it. Doesn't it?

Yes all iPod touches have app stores.

The apps from the iTunes app store are only for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

App store on iPod or computer

You can get apps from the Internet but they redirect you to the i tunes store.

Yes, the iPod Touch does have a Facebook app in the App Store for free. Thanks for asking!

If the app is available in iTunes or in the App Store on your iPod Touch, it is not illegal, since all apps in iTunes or the App Store are verified to be completely legal.

There is an App Store app on the iPod Touch that is used to download apps.

The App Store is pre-installed onto your iPod Touch.

No it's not a app for iPod touch I searched the app store didn't find the right match

go to the app store on your Ipod or Ipad and Iphone

Download the facebook app from the app store.

you can get a free text app from the app store

Yes. You can get them in the App Store.

pretty sure all apple ipod touches come with the app store the 4G is coming with a camera

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