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Lots of possibilities here. run a current anti virus scan, a spyware scan (use adaware, and spybot s&d) defragment the hard drive if needed. "Click start, choose accessories, system tools, Defrag. Uninstall any program that run in the background such as continuous screen savers, Weatherbug. rolling stock tips or news banners. You should also check to be sure that there is good airflow in and out of the computer case. Be sure all fans are running and clean.


If you take off your startup programs, it may help. On windows XP go to the start button, run and type in msconfig. At the top of the window there are tabs choose the tab that says start-up. Uncheck everything it will not harm your computer. Click apply then ok. It will tell you to reboot your computer when it reboots a window will appear that states "You are using selective start-up" there is a box in the middle of the window that says "Do not show this message again" click that.

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Q: How do you get your computer working again it is very slow for the first 5 minutes it is on and after 5 minutes nothing responds?
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