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How do you get yourself a girlfriend?

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βˆ™ 2009-09-19 21:22:57

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my advice: DONT! they can be pushy and needy, and u want to be able to grow up without the influence of a gf

you really need to be your self. and if she sends sighs that she isn't in to just try to move on. and that is from a real girl so try it.
2009-09-19 21:22:57
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How can you get a girlfriend at age16?

be yourself

What do a teenager to make girlfriend?

Be yourself.

How do you get a girlfriend on gaia?

Just be yourself.

What do you do if you have a girlfriend that only will talk to you if you embarrass yourself?

Dump. Get a girlfriend who will always talk to you.

What is the best thing to do for your girlfriend?

Be yourself and be honest with her.

How do you make your girlfriend like you?

be yourself it will show..

How do you get your boyfriend to love you not his ex girlfriend?

be yourself

How do you get a girlfriend in grade 7?

just be yourself. if you r not yourself she might not like u.

How can you get a nice girlfriend?

you should just be yourself and not worry about getting a "nice" girlfriend. if you just enjoy yourself and be friendly then you will meet someone right for you without looking.

Do you cheat on your girlfriend if she cheated on you?

No, you say goodbye and find yourself another girlfriend who doesn't cheat.

How much does your girlfriend love you?

Ask her yourself lol..

How can someone get a girlfriend?

Be yourself, don't try to be someone your not!

How to get a girlfriend at age 12?

be yourself it alwasy works

How would you get a girlfriend?

there is no speific way to get a girlfriend but just be yourself and the right woman will soon come along!

what would be the best way to get a girlfriend in 6th grade?

be yourself

How do you not be jealous of your lesbian friends girlfriend?

Think of all of the bad things about the girlfriend and find yourself one who is better!

When is it the right time to have a girlfriend?

When you are content with yourself and emotionally stable.

What is a best way to get a girlfriend?

be yourself, that is all anyone can ask for.

Why does your girlfriend have a tight vangina?

Just think yourself lucky

What do i do to have a girlfriend?

Be yourself and get to know each other a while, then ask her out.

What is the easy way to learnn Japanese?

get yourself a Japanese girlfriend

How do you convince a girl to be your girlfriend if you are a Muslim man?

Just be yourself.

You have a girlfriend but you're still in love with your ex girlfriend and she likes you too you don't want to hurt your current girlfriend but you love your ex girlfriens what do you do?

Why did you split at first? Remind yourself why, if it worth going back there, well see for yourself and make a choice.

Im 16 and ive never had a girlfriend. Am i unnatractive?

your putting yourself down dude, just because you never had a girlfriend doesn't mean your unattractive just be yourself and one lucky girl will be your girlfriend, for now go enjoy time with friends. :)

Things to say to your girlfriend?

Just be yourself she Obviously likes you if she's dating you so be yourself and don't it To far