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You need to inform the dealer that you will be buying the car and need it titled in the state you want to register it in. I don't believe that you have to pay another tax, unless you buy it there then take it home and re-register it as if you move.

2015-07-15 21:42:04
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Q: How do you go about buying a new truck in one state when you live in another state and what type of fees will the dealer charge you?
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Who is the best wholesale dealer for buying an inground pool?

are you a pool dealer? What state are you in?

Can you buy a handgun in another state?

No. You can however have a dealer in another state ship a handgun to a dealer in your state, then purchase the gun through the dealer in your state.

If you are buying a car from an out of state dealer should you pay your local sales tax to the dealer or pay it when you title the car here in your state?

You should pay tax to the state that you are getting your car registered to

Can a NM resident buy a rifle in Texas and transport it back to nm?

Yes- if the purchase is from a licensed Dealer. A private seller may only sell to a resident of his home state, or to a licensed Dealer/ Collector in any state. A handgun may only be purchased in your home state, but a rifle or shotgun may be purchased in another state. (Except California, which has a state law that prohibits its citizens from buying guns in another state)

What fees or taxes do you have to pay when buying a car out of state?

you should have the dealer tag and title in your own state. there may be some minor fees associated with the state you purchase from, but they aren't ever very much and there is no actual penalty for buying out of state.

Can a Mississippi resident buy a handgun in Arkansas?

Yes and no. You can legally only take possession of a handgun within the state where you reside, but you can pay for a gun in another state, then have the seller ship it to a licensed dealer in your state, then go pick it up there. The dealer will charge a fee, normally $25 or more, referred to as a transfer fee.

Can a Georgia resident buy a handgun in Tennessee?

Technically, no. According to federal law, you can only buy a handgun in the state where you reside. You can, however, pay for a gun in any state and then have the dealer ship it to a gun dealer in your state and pick it up there. The dealer in your state will charge a transfer fee.

Will a benchwarrant in another state keep you from buying a firearm?

Yes, it will.

Can you buy a new car from a dealer like Honda in one state and pick it up in another state from a dealer of the same car company?

Yes, it is possible to buy a car from a dealer in one state and pick it up in another state from a dealer of the same car company. Although this transaction might be unusual, it is possible. Shipping charges might apply depending on the situation.

Who send motorcycle title and how long does it take when buying from a dealer?

The dealer. Is the one who send. The title to other same state. And normally. They take about 6 or 8 weeks

Felony charge with a felony in one state can it follow you in another state?

Yes, it will.

If you buy material in one state and have them shipped to another where do you pay sales tax?

The tax would be paid when and where you buy the item, like buying a car in Maryland and you live in Delaware. But it depends what you are buying and how you are buying it, Sellers on eBay will charge people who livei n Florida or New York their appropriate sales tax. If you personally buy something in any state you would pay the state tax in that state, if you then mailed or shipped it to yourself, there is no additional tax.

What are the rules if buying a gun from a friend out of state?

Whether or not you can buy a gun in their state depends on the state law, but you pretty much universally cannot buy a handgun outside of your home state. Typically, you would have them ship the gun to an FFL licenced dealer, where you would fill out the Form 4473 and pay a receiving fee. <><><> Note- when buying a long gun outside your home state, it MUST (Federal law) be from a licensed dealer. As said above, friend can have it transferred to you through a licensed dealer, but not directly.

What is the State limit on doc fee for Ohio?

The state (Ohio ) maximum is $ 250.00 and that is what most dealers charge. It is a fee charged and is really profit for the dealer. They say it is negotable but it is only negotable if the dealer is willing to do that and most are not.

Can a KY resident buy a gun in tn?

A resident of one state may buy a rifle or shotgun from a licensed dealer in another state IF his home state approves such a purchase (Kentucky will). You may not buy from a private citizen, dealer only, and you cannot buy a handgun in another state.

How do you go about titling a new vehicle in FIorida you are buying in PA?

If you are buying through a dealer, they have all the necessary paperwork and regulatory knowledge to sell vehicles to out-of-state buyers. They should handle the whole transaction. If you are not buying from a dealer, just make sure that the signed title and bill of sale you get from the owner is filled in properly, and then present the documents to the FL DMV when you get the vehicle back to your home state.

Is a background check required for buying ammo for handguns in washington state?

Ammo, no. If you purchase a handgun from a dealer, a background check is required in every state, by federal law.

Can a Washington State resident buy a handgun in Wisconsin?

In order to purchase a handgun in a state other than the state where you reside, you must have the handgun shipped to a dealer in your state and pick it up there. The dealer in your state will charge some sort of transfer fee, which can range anywhere from $25 up to $100.

When buying a truck can you use your DOT Number for Sales Tax Exemption?

Nope. Sales tax is a State level tax, DOT is federal and has nothing to do with sales tax. Your purchase is taxable in almost all States, pretty much regardless of your sales tax registration or not. A car dealer can normally only accept a resale/exempt sale certificate from another dealer specifying he is buying it for resale.

Can a different address keep you from purchasing a handgun?

It depends on what you mean. If you live in the U.S. you can only legally purchase a handgun in the state where you live. If you live in one state but want to purchase a handgun in another state, you have to have a licensed gun dealer in the other state ship the handgun to a licenesed gun dealer in your state and then purchase it through the dealer in your state.

What year did you have to go through a dealer to purchase a long gun in California?

California does not require that you "go thru a dealer". However, IF you are buying a gun from outside the State of California, it must come to a dealer in California. That has been Federal law since 1968.

What is the maximum interest rate an auto dealer can charge?

In the US, the maximum interest rate for loans other than those by certain types of banking institutions is set by the state; you'd need to specify what state the dealer is in for this question to be answered.

Can a California resident buy a handgun in Virginia?

Strictly speaking, no. You can only buy handgun within your state of residence. However, you can pay for a handgun in another state, have the gun shipped to a dealer in your state, then go to that dealer to pick it up.

Can an attorney from another state sue you for a credit card charge off?

Yes, if he/she is licensed to practice in your state.

What is the highest a car dealer charge as an interest rate?

it varies from state to state, in NJ 24.99% is the limit because (in NJ) 25% or higher is considered extortion ...which is a crime