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How do you go about getting the drug Suboxone cheaper if it costs you almost 400 for a one month supply and your insurance will only pay 35?

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February 26, 2011 3:44PM

ask you Dr. this question. Sometime the med. company will work a deal with the Dr. and pay for so many patients meds. Here in Al. where I live the Dr. I see was able to help 1 patient..but ask! the med. companys are good about helping..

good luck..

I have been on suboxone for almost 2 years now and it cost 586.00 a month where I live for my medicine. If I would have to pay all out of pocket. My husbands insurance pays all but 20.00 that is what I have to pay. So I am thankful I have an insurance company that pays 90% of our medicine cost. Maybe you should check into Blue Cross Blue Shield. It wont pay for the doctor visits until you have been there for 1 year but it will pay for your medicine.

*****new poster here....but I think i can help....

I have called Reckitt/Bensker (check the spelling of it) and they put me on their "needy meds" program, in which I receive 90 8mg tabs / month for FREE.....

just had to fill out form and phone conversation with them...and wham....I got it. Of course, you have to meet certain financial standards to be awarded this....They will only supply it for one year time...I go to my doc, for $125.00 visit (which stinks, because normally he takes my insurance, but not for suboxone treatment patiently is an orthopedic/occupational therapy practice MD)-that's why he started treating patients with suboxone---he had so many people hooked on pain pills from injuries, that he needed to provide this too).....

Ok, back to the subject...

Just go and go from there.

Hope this helps.