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First off you have to decide if your friend deserves to get fired. If they do, then stay out of it. Usually employers will give warnings before firing, so if your friend didn't heed these warnings then they are At Fault. There are some employers who are plain poops and would fire you if they didn't like the color of your eyes on a Monday morning. Your friend should be able to go to "Labor Relations" and form a complaint against the company. This is a road your friend must take alone and if you help (other than encouraging them in the right direction) you could be fired as well and considered a trouble-maker. I certainly respect you for wanting to help you friend if you feel they are unfairly getting fired, but beware ... you could both be out on the street looking for work. Are you ready for that? Good luck Marcy In my opinion (and coming from someone who has been fired), it doesn't matter whether the friend deserved to be fired or not! A true friend will let his fired friend know that he/she is there for him, especially now when he needs a friend the most. Some people who get fired are so low that they could possibly harm themselves or others (that was not my case), but that person definitely needs encouragement. You do not have to get in the middle of any squabble, but let that friend know that better days are ahead and that sometimes, getting fired is a blessing from God!

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Q: How do you help a friend who is about to get fired?
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